Groundbreaking cancer treatment has 88% success rate, study finds

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In a major medical breakthrough, researchers at Israel’s Hadassah-University Medical Centre have developed a pioneering treatment for myeloma patients, reporting impressive advancements in extending life expectancy for these individuals. The novel treatment, which is still under experimental conditions, has reportedly sent a staggering 88% of patients with multiple myeloma into remission, according to the oncologists […]

Five die with Arcturus variant in UK as strain spreads globally

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Five people who had the Arcturus strain of Covid have died, according to the latest data from public health chiefs. As of 17 April there were 105 cases of XBB.1.16 – also known as Arcturus – in England, with infections located in all regions apart from the North East. Health chiefs have said that there […]

LA County Reports First Cases of New Arcturus Strain of COVID-19

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Los Angeles County has identified the first local cases of a newly emerging strain of COVID-19, the public health director said, although the numbers remain generally low and current vaccines are believed to be effective in preventing severe illness from it. Commonly referred to as Arcturus, the strain is formally known as XBB.1.16, Barbara Ferrer […]

Radioactive implant wipes tumors in unprecedented pre-clinical success

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Engineers at Duke University have developed a novel delivery system for cancer treatment and demonstrated its potential against one of the disease’s most troublesome forms. In newly published research in mice with pancreatic cancer, the scientists showed how a radioactive implant could completely eliminate tumors in the majority of the rodents, demonstrating what they say […]

This Is Not the Monkeypox That Doctors Thought They Knew

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Early in the monkeypox outbreak, a man in his 20s arrived at an emergency department in Northern California, tiny blisters on his lips, hands and back. Within 12 hours, doctors diagnosed him with monkeypox. That’s where their certainty ended. The patient did not have fever, aches, weakness, pain or other symptoms typical of the disease. […]

China New, Potentially Fatal Langya Virus Detected … Cause For Alarm Overseas


China New, Potentially Fatal Langya Virus Detected … Cause For Alarm Overseas No, this isn’t deja-vu … China has discovered a new, potentially fatal virus within its borders, which experts say could trigger yet another pandemic. The Langya Henipavirus, referred to as “Langya,” has already infected 35 people, according to Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control […]

New monkeypox study warns virus has ‘no borders’ as more symptoms detailed

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New monkeypox symptoms have been revealed in a latest study while a lead scientist of the report has warned that the virus has “no borders”. A vaccination programme against monkeypox is being stepped up by the NHS as more supplies of a jab come on stream. The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said it had […]

French health body indicates at-risk groups to be vaccinated against monkeypox

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France’s HAS health authority on Friday recommended widening the vaccination campaign against monkeypox, saying that those most exposed to the risk of contracting the virus through sexual relations should receive an inoculation. “Men who have sexual relationships with other men and trans people who have multiple sexual partners” should be vaccinated, the HAS said, as […]