Drug companies sidestepping the WHO’s technology transfer hub in Africa

a young nurse standing with stethoscope at the neck and catches her head.

Pharmaceutical company Moderna announced on 7 March 2022 that it would develop a site in Kenya to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines. The company holds much of the key intellectual property relating to the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. Due to their higher efficacy, mRNA vaccines are the preferred option in developed countries. They account for 92% of […]

COVID-19: Nigeria records eight fatalities, 420 new infections Monday

Nigeria Covid testing

As Nigeria, like other countries, continues to battle theCOVID-19 pandemic, the country continues to record daily fatalities from the disease. On Monday, Nigeria recorded eight deaths from the virus, the country’s disease control centre, NCDC, said. The NCDC disclosed this in an update on its official Facebook page, adding that 420 new infections were reported across […]

Scientists warn of new Covid variant with high number of mutations

Scientists have said a new Covid variant that carries an “extremely high number” of mutations may drive further waves of disease by evading the body’s defences. Only 10 cases in three countries have been confirmed by genomic sequencing, but the variant has sparked serious concern among some researchers because a number of the mutations may […]