Queensland remains unmasked with third COVID peak coming

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Queensland is now firmly in the grip of a third COVID-19 wave that could rival the first one early this year, with authorities urging people to wear masks and stay up to date with their vaccinations. But they have stopped short of imposing mandates, instead leaving it up to Queenslanders to take measures to protect […]

T-cells can fight Omicron when antibodies fail to, Australian researchers say

Omicron Variant

New study finds the white cells attack new Covid variant, offering protection and helping prevent significant illness Human bodies have a second line of defense against Covid that offers hope in the global fight against the Omicron variant, Australian researchers say. University of Melbourne research, done in conjunction with the Hong Kong University of Science […]

Queensland rocked by new mystery cases


With two mystery Covid cases detected in just a few hours, there are fears Queensland could be dealing with a new virus cluster. Queensland has been rocked by the emergence of two new mystery cases, with the concerning development coming after the state confirmed no new cases on Monday. NSW recorded 787 cases and 12 […]