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- Steve Duffy
AAP Issues Updated Guidance on Palivizumab Use for the 2022-2023 RSV Season

For regions with high levels of RSV disease activity in the fall and winter, the AAP supports the use of more than 5 consecutive doses of palivizumab to eligible infants. [read more]

- Stephan Cho
Patients, Clinicians Explain How the Pandemic Affected Genitourinary Cancer Care

A focus group sought to explore the effects of the changes in genitourinary cancer care during the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of patients and clinicians. [read more]

- Haymarket Media
Brazilian Coronavirus Variant Found in Minnesota

No immediate indication seen that the variant is spreading in the state [read more]

- Haymarket Media
CDC: U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Could Reach 233,000 by End of October

And, dual coronavirus-flu vaccine to start human trials [read more]

- Haymarket Media
SARS-CoV-2 Can Spread Rapidly in Homeless Shelters

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 can spread rapidly in homeless shelters. [read more]