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- Emily Estrada

Researchers assessed the safety and efficacy of anifrolumab for the treatment of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. [read more]

- Jeanelle Jacobs

According to a new KFF survey, 66% of the public aren’t worried about getting COVID-19 or spreading the virus over the holidays. [read more]

- Stephen Bohacik
Short-Term Ocular Adverse Events Occasionally Follow COVID-19 Vaccination

Short-term ocular adverse events occasionally occur following COVID-19 vaccination, though research has yet to substantiate any long-term effects. [read more]

- Emily Estrada

Researchers tested wastewater collected during the COVID-19 pandemic to assess the value of using RT-PCR assays targeting respiratory viral genomes on wastewater. [read more]

- Emily Estrada

Researchers sought to examine potential associations between viral exposures and neurodegenerative disease risk. [read more]