Changes to Covid treatment system in England ‘could lead to postcode lottery’

Patients have been left confused and frustrated with no centralised system for obtaining medicinesChanges to the way Covid treatments are obtained by those most at risk from the disease could [...]

Struggling self-employed in UK would prefer salaried job security, report claims

Mental health issues and lack of faith in government support are driving desire to change statusMental distress and financial insecurity has pushed 40% of self-employed workers to say they would [...]

The last stop: what happens when a US city’s subway starts to die?

Once a national model for sustainability, San Francisco’s Bart is facing a dire future as ridership slumps. What lessons does it hold for the city, and for the promises of [...]

What makes Elon Musk tick? I spent months following the same people as him to find out who fuels his curious worldview

Tucker Carlson, Greta Thunberg, Covid sceptics, military historians, the royal family … What would my time immersed in the Twitter/X owner’s feed reveal about the richest man in the world?What’s [...]

Mental health among UK secondary pupils worsened sharply in pandemic, study shows

First comparative research of its kind finds those with lots of social interaction and supportive family coped betterSecondary school pupils in the UK experienced significantly higher rates of depression, social, [...]

Learn about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination based on what experts currently know. Vaccination is an important tool in stopping the pandemic.
Find an overview of the different COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States, including safety information and the ingredients of each vaccine.
The Myocarditis Outcomes after mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination Investigation is a project to follow up on VAERS reports of myocarditis.