Updated Moderna Covid booster gives even better protection than earlier jab

Biotech firm’s data shows stronger immune response to Omicron than original vaccine three months after being givenThe updated Covid booster from Moderna produces a stronger immune response to the Omicron… [...]

Reports of teenager dying in Covid quarantine cause outcry in China

Video of girl struggling to breathe is circulating online, with claims family’s pleas for help were ignoredReports that a 16-year-old girl has died in a Covid quarantine centre after pleas… [...]

Breast cancer patients in England face delays to reconstruction surgery

Charity Breast Cancer Now warns of a ‘postcode lottery’ of NHS care for women after mastectomyWomen waiting for breast reconstruction surgery on the NHS in England face a “postcode lottery”… [...]

‘They can’t ignore us any more’: five women on long Covid and medical misogyny

Many are still reporting minimization of their long Covid symptoms – and it’s partially attributable to the fact that female patients are routinely dismissedRead the Guardian’s new series, Living with… [...]

Relief tinged with unease as Japan reopens after two ‘really tough’ years

In Kyoto, local shop owners are ready to welcome back tourists but there is a way to go before a return to pre-Covid daysAfter more than two years of near-total… [...]

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What to do if you are sick with COVID-19. Stay home for at least 5 days. Isolate from others in your home.